Dance Chance

This unique three-step program is designed to provide in-school ballet classes, with the mission and goal of identifying promising ballet students who are invited to attend regular classes at The School of Pennsylvania Ballet. We want to have a sustained impact on these potential professional dancers. Dance Chance is currently in four participating schools; Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School, James G. Blaine School,  Tacony Academy Charter School and Holy Redeemer Catholic School.
Step 1: Dance Chance provides in-school weekly classes for first grade students with an emphasis on creative movement and the vocabulary of classical ballet. Supplementing the ballet classes, students attend Pennsylvania Ballet performances. The students gain increased focus and concentration, discipline and dedication, and the love and joy of dance and movement. 
Step 2: Students who show particular promise and dedicatiom are selected to attend class with their peers at The School of Pennsylvania Ballet. Classes are tuition-free, including all costs associated with required dancewear. 
Step 3: Students who have successfully completed the Step 2 year and have been evaluated to have the criteria needed to attend The School of Pennsylvania Ballet are accepted as full-time, permanent students. Dance Chance students receive free tuition and dancewear for the life of their training.