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Learn About Ballet

We produce a number of student workbooks each year to help teachers prepare students for their attendance at a dress rehearsal. Some general workbook content is available below:



Cinderella Curriculum Guide

George Balanchine's The Nutcracker®

The Nutcracker Curriculum Guide

Le Corsaire

Le Corsaire Curriculum Guide


Re/Action Curriculum Guide



Teach your students or children the full history from our History of Ballet workbook.

The History of Ballet

Adagio, bouree, pas de deux—all common ballet terms fundamental to the art of ballet. To build a richer ballet experience for you children of students we encourage you to use our Glossary of Ballet Terms workbook.

Glossary of Ballet Terms

Artists spend their entire lives developing their creativity and talent and exploring interesting and compelling ways to express their thoughts and feelings. Athletes spend their lives perfecting the technique of their particular sport and training their bodies to perform at the highest possible level. Rising to the level of a “professional” as either an artist or an athlete is something that is accomplished by a small number of people. A professional ballet dancer, however, manages to do both.

The questions and answers in our the workbooks below will give you some insights into the life of a professional ballet dancer and the training and dedication required of these very special artists/athletes.

A Dancer's Day 

A Dancer's Life Q&A

The Five Positions of Classical Ballet

What Dancers Wear

Recommended for Grades 2-6