Students of the School of Pennsylvania Ballet | Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

Pre-Professional Division

Pre-Professional Division, Starting at age 7, Audition required.
This program provides a needed base to help prepare students for a professional career. It does so in a focused but nurturing environment with students taking progressively increasing classes daily, Monday through Saturday as they advance through Levels 1 through 7. This audition-only program is geared toward developing the artist as a whole, offering classes beyond dance technique in order to help create a well-rounded dancer who is prepared to enter the world of professional ballet. Students in the pre-professional division must meet minimum standards as determined by annual evaluations regarding pointe work (for girls) in addition to the intense physicality required for professional success in classical ballet. Additionally, Pre-Professional Program students continue to receive valuable performance opportunities with the company in its annual holiday production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® as well as with the second company's (PBII's) productions from our hugely successful Family Programming Series.
Click here for audition dates and times. To recieve more information about our September 6th, 2017 audition, please email