Students of the School of Pennsylvania Ballet | Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

School Division

School Division, (Age range approximately 8-13) Audition required.
Classes in these levels are graded by age, physical strength and development. Students are introduced to progressive levels of ballet technique following the school syllabus for each age-appropriate level. Advancement from level to level is based on annual faculty evaluations of the individual student’s technical ability, physical aptitude, strength, classroom effort and attendance. The student’s feet, flexibility, turnout, structure and proportions are also taken into consideration, as these physical attributes are generally considered requisite for professional accomplishment in classical ballet. Girls reaching strength and ability requirements will begin pointe during the second semester of Level 3.  Entrance into the School Division allows the students performance opportunities with Pennsylvania Ballet such as George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker® as well as Pennsylvania Ballet’s Second Company’s (PB2’s) Family Series. 
Levels 1-4
To recieve more information about our August 5th or September 6th, 2017 auditions, please contact