Company Member Daniel Cooper | Photo: Alexander Iziliaev

Pennsylvania Ballet Staff

* Please acknowledge our office phones at JFK Blvd. and the Studios will be down on Wednesday, November 5. Phones will be back up and running on Thursday, November 6. Thank you for your patience. * 

  • Administrative

    Interim Executive Director: David Gray,
    Executive Assistant and Company Manager: Emily Pratt,
    Property Manager: Anthony Costandino,
    Office Manager: Anna L. Zaharchuk

    Director of Development: Jane Kamp,
    Annual Fund Manager: Catherine Ross,
    Annual Fund Coordinator: Olivia Steffan,
    Director of Special Projects: Barbara L. Vogdes,
    Corporate Sponsorship & Special Events,

    Finance and Human Resources
    Director of Finance and Human Resources: Madeline Apollo,
    Controller: Carol Scarazzini,
    Accountant: Bill Martin,

    Marketing and Public Relations
    Group Sales Manager: Arajua Backman,
    Marketing Coordinator: Emily Hart,
    Graphic Designer: Kara Howland,
    Photographer/Videographer: Alexander Iziliaev,

    School of Pennsylvania Ballet
    School Director: Arantxa Ochoa
    Manager of the School of Pennsylvania Ballet: Joanne Smith,
    Instructor: Laura Bowman
    Instructor: Martha Chamberlain 

    Community Engagement
    Director of Outreach and Education: Sarah Cooper,
    Assistant to the Director of Community Engagement Sarah Cailean,
    Outreach Associate: Jon Martin,


  • Artistic

    Artistic Director: Angel Corella
    Assistant to Artistic Director: Jonathan Stiles
    Ballet Master: Zachary Hench 
    Ballet Master: Julie Diana
    Ballet Mistress: Samantha Dunster
    Director PBII: Francis Veyette


  • Music

    Music Director and Conductor: Beatrice Jona Affron
    Assistant Conductor: Salvatore Scarpa
    Concertmaster: Luigi Mazzocchi
    Personnel Manager: Anne Peterson
    Solo Pianist: Martha Koeneman
    Company Pianist: Brian Chronister
    Pennsylvania Ballet II Pianist: Ray Lindsey
    Librarian: J. Robert Loy

  • Medical

    Orthopedic Consultants
    Wen Chao, M.D.
    Nicholas A. DiNubile, M.D.
    Marc I. Harwood, M.D.

    Physical Medicine & Rehab Consultants
    Julie Green, MSPT, OCS
    Judith R. Peterson, M.D.


  • Production

    Resident Lighting Designer: John Stephen Hoey
    Production Coordinator: Cheryl Harrison
    Stage Manager: Anthony Costandino
    Associate Lighting Designer: Chris Frey
    Production Carpenter: Colin Peters
    Flyman: Paul Hewitt
    Master Electrician: David Harrison
    Assistant Electricians: Cheryl Harrison and John Duncan Jr.
    Property Master: Daniel Amadie
    Property Assistant: Travis Salomone
    Wardrobe Supervisor: Wendy Levin
    Costumer: Marie Vitale
    Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor: Julie Watson

  • Subscriber Services & Teleservices

    Patron Services
    Jayson Bucy, Megan Brown, Brand-I-Curtis McCloud, Meg Hackney, Mariangela Saavedra, Julia Schrank, Jena Smith

    Teleservices Manager: Cassandra Mansfield
    Representatives: Kilolo Harmon, John Paul, Laurie Schaffer, Rebecca Trabin, Mackenzie Wright