A Week in the Corps de Ballet

August 28th-September 1st

Join us August 28th through September 1st to learn what it's like to dance in the Corps de Ballet. The Corps is the foundation of many ballets - and whether your first job is as a second company member, apprentice, or corps member, you'll be expected to know how to work with a corps. These skills include how to stay in a line, breathe together through movement, match the arm and leg height of dancers in the section, attention to details pertaining to everything between the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, and learning to work with your peers towards a common goal. **Open to students in Level 4 through Trainee, this week of classes will begin with technique class at 4:30pm, followed by the Corp de Ballet workshop from 6pm to 8pm. 
A Week in the Corps de Ballet
August 28 -September 1
**Students currently registered with The School of Pennsylvania Ballet do not need to audition for this program. Students who auditioned for the Summer Intensive and were accepted do not need to audition for this program. Students not registered with The School must set up an audition through Joanne Smith at jsmith@paballet.org
*No housing is available for this week.